Leveraging Tools, Systems, and MIS Platforms

Accounting and book keeping function is a continuous process and forms an integral part of all businesses. A well-planned and updated accounting software has various benefits. It is important for directors, top management, and owners of family managed businesses to have a thorough understanding of the accounting system of their company. This knowledge can be leveraged to take crucial business decisions.

Features of a Good Accounting System

  • Helps in recording day-to-day transactions easily
  • Enables export of information in different formats as desired
  • Facilitates review of past performance based on multiple time frames
  • Aids in budgeting and forecasting
  • Auto creation of financials for external reporting
  • Helps other business support functions by way of MIS reports

Our services are specifically designed to help the management in the following ways

  • Understand the company's existing accounting system
  • Understand shortcomings or issues vis-à-vis industry best practices
  • Learn to view / obtain the relevant information for decision making
  • Understand types of reports available
  • Undertake any modifications or alterations to suit the management requirements

In case of many start-ups and small businesses, it is seen that the founders do not have sound financial literacy or may not be aware of the benefits of a strong accounting system. At V. Purohit & Associates, we are mindful of these challenges. That is why our services are designed to empower entrepreneurs for taking strategic, datadriven, and insightful business decisions.

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