Defined roles and responsibilities of each team vary from company-to-company. However, sales and marketing teams are the face of any organization. They talk to the customers, pitch for your products and services and close deals. Hence, it is of utmost significance that they are well-versed about your business processes, applicable taxes, and overall pricing policies and mechanisms.

Along with sales and marketing, other support functions such as customer services, purchase, and administration need to be aware about the financial aspects of their products and services. Effective execution of these functions is a key to achieving overall growth and profitability for the company.

Role of Sales and Marketing Team

  • Planning and implementing the strategy for Sales and Marketing
  • Working with different teams for product development, customer relations and strategy and planning
  • Driving the sales and revenue for the company

Role of Purchase Team

  • Procuring goods and services required by various teams - like purchase of raw materials, spares, consumables, traded goods, etc.
  • Setting up of an internal system for authorization process, shortlisting of vendors, placing of orders, receipt and verification of goods, approving invoices
  • Managing inventory, controlling costs, and identifying and curbing wasteful expenditure
  • Collection and managing of vendor database, transaction history, MIS, and internal reporting

Role of Admin Team

  • Ensuring efficient functioning between teams by providing a system for internal system for communication and coordination
  • Managing of administrative and clerical staff
  • Maintaining of a clean working environment and ensuring safety

Knowledge of business processes and basic understanding of applicable taxes is necessary for different teams to work efficiently and profitably. Our expert services are designed to equip these teams with requisite information and knowledge to enhance their skill and benefit the company.

This is why at V. Purohit & Associates, we have developed specially designed courses and programs like

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