Setting The Right Expectations

Employee induction plays an important part in grooming a new team member. It helps communicate company policies and drive its philosophy. It is the foremost step in the journey of an employee as a team member in the company and lays the pillars for a strong internal team. The objective of induction is to introduce new team members to the company and also acclimatize with the exact work and responsibilities.

In contrast, training is a continuous process and aims to update and upskill teams with new information and relevant knowledge. Based on the role and job description, the company management can undertake regular training sessions for skill development.

From the view point of individual team members also, induction and regular training sessions are appreciated as management's efforts to inculcate a strong learning and development culture. The importance of induction and training for staff can be summarized as below

  • Helps management prepare new employees for their role in the company
  • Helps update existing members with developments in the industry/ technology/ domain
  • Creates inhouse knowledge and expertise instead of relying on third party intervention and professional assistance
  • Provides selected employees with specific training in areas in which they are likely to excel
  • It ultimately allows companies in their retention effort

Training for Accounting Staff

Training for accounting staff is provided with the aim of covering all aspects of routine accounting, taxation, and compliance rules. A team updated with recent developments and relevant tax provisions is a prized asset for the company. It directly leads to cost saving by improving coordination, reducing turnaround time, sharing confidential data with external parties, avoiding non-compliance or penalties, rectifications, etc.

At V. Purohit & Associates, we offer in-depth and hands-on training services for accounts executives. While all our training modules are customized as per the needs of your company, here are some critical aspects.

Key inclusions in Accounts Executive Training

  • Discussion on financials – formats, set of documents and need for financials
  • Conducting a walkthrough of provisions of accounting standards and book keeping requirements
  • Detailed discussion on specific methods of accounting and best suited approach for your company
  • Sharing of due date calendar – for payment of taxes and filing of returns, audits, etc.
  • Programme on e-filing under Income Tax, filing under TDS regime, audits, etc.
  • Programme on GST, basic provisions, filing of returns
  • Use of spreadsheet applications – basics of data analysis and presentation
  • Session on company specific regulations and applicable provisions
  • Understanding audits – need, types, how to prepare for audits, clauses of audit report, etc.
  • Rules of ROC filing and regulations under Companies Act

V. Purohit & Associates leverages its strength in accounting & book keeping for training and grooming account executives. Once you are onboard, our experts regularly track your domain and proactively inform you about the latest developments and conduct training/ send information dossiers so that your team is always updated.

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