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This basic course on MS Excel is designed to familiarize individuals with the routine operating features of MS Excel. Increased efficiency and speed while using Excel boosts employee confidence and enhances their soft skills. We encourage a strong learning culture and promote primary habits that help executives in day-to-day situations.

For example, the key to faster operating and use of Excel depends on small factors - like the ability to use keyboard shortcuts (rather that shifting between the keyboard and the mouse). While this might seem like a small step but with regular use, keyboard shortcuts in MS Excel go a long way in enhancing the productivity and efficiency.

Who Should Take This Course?

  • All individuals seeking to learn MS Excel anew
  • Executives responsible for preparation of basic reports and data
  • Data entry operators and individuals who wish to increase their efficiency and speed in MS Excel
  • Members from all teams like Accounts, Human Resources (HR), Administration, Sales, etc.

The Basic Course on MS Excel Covers

  • Creating, Editing, Saving, and Printing spreadsheets
  • Enhancing worksheet appearance and Presentation of Data
  • Creating, using, and modifying styles and templates
  • Basic Data Analytics - Sort, Filter and Highlight cell rules
  • Using basic functions like Copy, Paste, Find, Replace - within workbook and sheets
  • Graphically representing data: Charts & Graphs
  • Working with basic functions & formulae

We believe that this Basic Course in MS Excel is a must-learn for all employees, across departments and designations. Our courses can be customized for larger team sizes. Experts at V. Purohit & Associates can create relevant case studies and test cases to provide hands-on training to your team members.

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