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The role of the accounting staff and department is varied and is significant in overall performance and growth of a company. Specific responsibilities are cast on the head of accounts to oversee accounting, taxation, and banking functions.

Similarly, owners of family managed businesses and start-ups need to play multiple roles and sometimes overrely on heads of departments and functions. In such situations, having a defined set of rules for operating eases the burden and brings peace of mind for the management. Our clients engage us for specifically designed services that empower personnel with the right technical knowledge together with practical training and operational guides.

Key Services For Head of Accounts

Consulting for Accounting

  • Selection of the right accounting and ERP system for the company
  • Implementation of ERP modules
  • Defining of roles and day-to-day profile of accounting staff
  • Setting up of periodic timelines and performance targets
  • Compiling of reports and data for MIS and external reporting
  • Preparing for Tax audits and other audits

Consulting for Taxation

  • Being updated with applicable rules and regulations
  • Keeping readily available all due dates and compliance charts
  • Learning tax slabs, rates, and important provisions
  • Understanding the various aspects of Tax Scrutiny and assessments
  • Preparation of documentation for Audits

Consulting for Banking and Finance

  • Understanding the importance of banking functions and staying updated with banking norms
  • Consolidating and simplification of banking operations
  • Creating the right mix of own funds and borrowed funds
  • Appraisal of existing banking facilities and finance options available
  • E-Banking and use of online tools

At V. Purohit & Associates, we understand that it is not always possible for your team leads to be updated and hands-on with the latest amendments, modifications, and provisions laid down by various applicable authorities. That is why we work with several key management personnel across domains and industries to help them stay abreast with the key tax-related developments in their domain.

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If you are looking for external help for receiving exact, actionable, and timely inputs and assistance for your accounting teams, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to tailor an immersive training session for your teams.

We are a new-age financial accounting company, that upholds age-old values and principles of Chartered Accountancy. We offer a fairly-differentiated set of services, tailored to specific business goals and challenges.