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The use of spreadsheets, and in particular Microsoft Excel, has become an intrinsic part in the life of finance professionals. With increase in size of businesses and complexities in operation, financial data and its analysis has gained a crucial role. Large volume of data necessities analysis and summarizing to enable decision making.

Basic functions in spreadsheets involve sorting, filtering and use of formulae, etc. Whereas advanced functions like Lookup, Pivot Table, Macros, and VBA are also becoming increasingly common.

For individuals with non-finance background also, the use of spreadsheets is becoming a routine feature. A lot of data is shared in MS Excel files containing large number of columns and rows. For example, data relating to HR department may contain employee data base, salary data and calculations. For admin and purchase, vendor database and product details can have a huge volume of data. Similarly, for sales and marketing, customer database has a high importance.

In this age of Big Data and trending data analysis, it is essential to learn the use of spreadsheet application, for own understanding and also for reporting to various persons and departments.

The Power Called Spreadsheets

Knowing the useful features of MS Excel and using shortcuts help in saving considerable amount of time. However, it is a precondition that one must know what they are trying to achieve in an MS Excel workbook. For example, analysis of large volume of data involves cleaning of data and finding of inconsistencies or errors. This would be followed by sorting, filtering, and summarizing of data.

Hence the specific tools relating to these actions need to be used. In comparison, once a data is summarized, use of financial models, tables, graphs, etc., are some of the ways of presenting the data.

Excel Training for Businesses

Our corporate MS Excel training course aims to teach the art of data presentation and analysis and it is not just a predefined set of features that we cover. The right approach and logic for data analysis are the key to mastering MS Excel.

Based on a client's requirements, we structure our course to best suit the individuals taking the course. For example, the learning objectives and challenges faced by a senior team would be different from data entry operator or one handling databases. Hence, educators at V. Purohit & Associates have divided the courses into Basic and Advance Courses based on common MS Excel features and challenges faced.

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