Getting Competitive by Decoding Pricing Mechanisms

A major area of learning for teams undertaking sales and product development is understanding the company's product pricing and its components. Based on the nature of the business, product stage in its life cycle, and the competitive scenario, a company can deploy a suitable pricing strategy.

Some of the common policies are penetrative pricing, competition pricing, bundling, psychological pricing, cost-based pricing, cost-plus pricing, and premium pricing. Only a deep understanding of these concepts, and a thorough information about the strength of the company can allow a sales person to enter negotiations confidently.

In addition to Sales, Pricing Analysis also helps decision making regarding

  • Comparative analysis of cost of the company v/s competitor's products
  • Make or buy decisions
  • Analysing problem areas and undertaking cost reduction
  • Developing bundles

Experts at V. Purohit & Associates can develop a unique and customized training program for your sales and marketing teams. We believe that our professional services help you team

  • Understand fixed and variable cost components
  • Identify the impact of taxes and rebates available
  • Understand different taxes based on geographical area of operations and impact on product cost
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