In a short span of time we have witnessed an exponential increase in trade and commerce in India. The number of start-ups and new businesses are also on the rise. To support the business operations a strong internal team is required. Particularly for small businesses - team leaders and project heads need to deliver more than routine responsibilities. Understanding one's own company and operations goes a long way in being successful in their job and work profile.

Knowledge of business processes and systems forms an important part of learning as well. From the academic point of view, management courses also teach business operations and flow. However, the need of the hour is highly-focussed and tailor-made courses encompassing the following areas and operations

Purchase Department and Process

  • Important for executives of purchase teams to know the system and process to be followed, industry best practice
  • Significance of and coordination with other departments and teams for better flow of the purchase process

Sales and Billing Process

  • Important for executives of sales team to know the system and process to be followed, industry best practice
  • Significance for other departments and teams like accounts to know process of sales, collection from customers, etc.

Steps in Import, Export Process

  • Crucial function for companies having major imports and/ or exports
  • Important for all teams to know the rules and regulations applicable
  • Sales person need to be up to date with process, timeline, applicable taxes
  • Billing and accounts executives also need to understand the system and steps involved

Steps in Trading Business

  • Important for all teams to understand the steps involved and process in a trading business
  • Knowledge of applicable taxes on sales and purchases to be gained

The nature of your business might be varied, but all teams need to be aware of the impact and implication of taxes on your product/ service. At the same time, they should be aware about the financial implication of the decisions they take on behalf of the company.

Experts at V. Purohit & Associates ensure that your team members are confident and capable of tackling all aspects of their business – be it talking to internal stakeholders or external parties.

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