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Developed by Tally Solutions, Tally ERP it is one of the most commonly used general accounting software used in India. It is suitable for small and medium sized businesses which do not have complicated transactions or nature of operations.

From the time of its creation and launch in 1986, Tally has come a long way from being a software for accounting and data entry to a complete ERP package with modules for taxation, MIS, financial statements, ratio analysis, etc.

Over the years Tally has added various features to the software and released improved versions of the product. Tally.ERP 9 Release 6 was released in 2017 to provide a complete solution for calculation and compliance under GST.

The following are the features of Tally suitable for small and medium businesses

  • Simple and easy to use
  • All Business and IT requirements are supported
  • Perfect for all businesses
  • Double entry system helps in auto creation of financials
  • Data and reports available for statutory compliance, returns and payments
  • Remote access availability
  • Software available in multiple languages
  • Generation of customized reports - help in MIS and reporting

Our course on Tally is designed for companies and their accounting staff in particular. The awareness of all features of Tally help companies utilize the full benefit and use in day-to-day operations. For existing staff, it acts as a skill development tool and improves efficiency and productivity.

Tally training offered by V. Purohit & Associates is a comprehensive, in-depth, and immersive affair. We can customize training modules for all types of businesses and participants across accounting functions and departments. One can choose from the following two courses

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