Staying Ahead In A Fast Changing Accounting Environment

Accounting and Book Keeping is one of the core activities of any business. It encompasses the process of recording day-to-day transactions and providing valuable insights to company's financial health. It also forms the basis of all kinds of internal and external reporting. It is a mission critical support function for a business and creates the framework that helps the management in overall decision making and growth.

Role of an Accountant and Accounts Department

The importance of this function can be judged by the varied roles and responsibilities to be fulfilled by the accountant

  • Recording of routine transactions like sales, purchases, expenses, bank transactions, etc.
  • Managing banking transactions and handling of cash and cheques
  • Following the authorization and approval process for issuing payments to vendors, external agencies
  • Issuing salary payments as per company policy and rules
  • Complying with taxation rules like TDS, Advance Tax, and GST at the transaction level
  • Maintaining up-to-date records for compliance related filing and tax payments
  • Preparing of periodic statements for MIS and internal reporting
  • Preparing draft financials for audits and coordinating with auditors
  • Maintaining of all physical records and documents like bills, vouchers, contracts, etc.
  • Following any other set business policies or company specific requirements

In such a scenario, it is very important from the top management's point of view to have a strong internal system and framework in which the department works.

Why Training for Accounts Department?

A lot of time and money is spent by companies towards outsourcing routine professional services and coordinating with external agencies. In contrast, our services help in building internal strengths, developing abilities and empowering in-house teams to be self-reliant.

A Well-Trained Accounts Team Empowers Decision Making

A sharp and astute accounts team can empower the top management and internal decision makers. It can ensure that routine tasks are managed seamlessly so that there are no backlogs. A well-defined process and framework also helps the management with succession planning in cases there is a change in the accounting staff or the head of the department.

Training by external experts also boosts the morale of the accounting staff. It helps them upgrade their knowledge, as they learn newer skills and faster means of managing day-to-day activities. It also helps them become aware of their own roles and responsibilities and helps define timelines and data for compliance, audit, etc.

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