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Every organization has various systems and processes that guide the day-to-day working of the different departments in the company. It is generally the senior management (Directors/ Owners) of companies that lays down these guidelines for the business. They nurture the company through their vision and chart the overall strategy that leads the lower management.

Based on the type of industry, size of the company and nature of operations, there are various departments/ teams with designated roles and responsibilities like Human resources, Accounts, Administration, etc.

It is important for the management to clearly outline the different roles that the teams play and establish processes for the teams to collaborate and work towards the overall growth of the company.

Finance & Accounting

We believe that the finance and accounting function is the heart of any organization. The overall health, stability and growth of the company depends on how efficiently this role is managed.

Our comprehensive services for Top Management, Directors and Owners empowers them to setup and monitor systems, process, and internal controls. We work with the management to help them develop the financial skills and knowledge required to manage their companies seamlessly and more efficiently.

We help the company's key management personnel focus on their core business activities, while being gainfully aware of the various support functions and important developments. Our services for top management are as follows:

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If you are a business leader and wish to make the most of your resources, while staying in control of your business, we can help V. Purohit & Associates will help you develop the right skills and knowledge required to take your business to the next professional milestone.

We are a new-age financial accounting company, that upholds age-old values and principles of Chartered Accountancy. We offer a fairly-differentiated set of services, tailored to specific business goals and challenges.